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JHF Patches

Introducing our dynamic duo of black and white patches – a versatile and stylish addition to your collection. With this offer, you receive two patches for the price of one, providing exceptional value for our esteemed customers.

The first patch features our iconic OG skateboard logo, representing a legacy of quality and style. The second patch proudly bears the classic JHF slogan, "Just Have Fun," serving as a powerful reminder to embrace life's adventures. Both patches are designed to exude an aura of easy, simple, and clean style.

These patches are incredibly versatile, offering the flexibility to be easily sewn or ironed onto any fabric of your choice. Whether you wish to personalize your favorite denim jacket or add flair to a backpack, these patches allow you to express your individuality with effortless style. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your fashion game with these timeless and meaningful patches.