Just Have Fun is a motto we all live by daily & Im here to spread the message just a little more.

I want people to know JHF is more than a motto it’s a message to everyone. To those who find themselves overthinking the small stuff or even to those who have a hard time simply expressing themselves. This is a message to inspire the whole world to get active and have fun.

Just have fun is not just a brand based around skateboarding..

JHF is about expressing yourself, following your passion while still finding the love within it all.

For example, if you like rock climbing, riding road bikes, being a photographer, skating, reading books, or even being a parent; As long as you’re just having fun that’s the mission, loving it every minute of the way.

I’m here to inspire and do anything I can do to help mentor the next generation with my wisdom.

Life is beautiful and anything is possible!

We just need to stay elevating ourselves, while still staying grounded. Also, while being open to giving & receiving positive guidance. 

Carry peace & love within your heart and stay true to yourself and others. 

The world is yours. 

Love Boo J. Peace Love Worldwide